Annette O’Donnell – The Heartfelt Healer – Working with Angels

About Me

I am at present an Angel Expert, Healer, Coach  & Artist –

I am a conduit for Healing and Guidance from the Divine, Angelic Realm and Universe

and certified as an  Angel Coach , Angel  Communication Master ,Usui Reiki Master, and Angelic Reiki Practitioner – 

As an artist I am a vessel from within which Angelic Healing Energy , and Spirit can appear visually or via pure sense within an artwork for purpose

My previous/early working life was spent working within TV & Media – specialising in the Arts. A truly exciting , vibrant and vocal world celebrating all forms of expression through the Arts.

That career was bought to a sudden halt when I was diagnosed with mouth cancer at the young age of 29 and then shortly after, a second diagnosis of relapsing remitting MS. It was as if my senses were muted but to then be reawakened at a later time…… for purpose….….and then soon after I experienced a Spiritual awakening.

That profound sense of love and light enveloped me and from that point on my connection with Spirit, Angelic energy and Source has become part of my living, my heart and my essence.

My life purpose revealed as being that of a Light worker – to be a clear conduit for Angelic Healing through channelling healing energies within Portals of Healing Art – both as a facilitator within workshops

and also as an individual – as an Artist.

And in recent years… as a means of Healing and Clearing imbalances and blocks within your being via the high resonance music of my Angelic Therapy Healing Harp

My Process

Through the introduction of Angelic Reiki – portals of healing have manifested through which profound changes have occurred in my life and my work. I never dreamed Angelic Reiki would become such an integral part of the service and connection I offer .Working with and living with the Angels indeed helps me heal but has also changed the direction of my art career. After learning Angelic Reiki I was directed by an Angelic presence to use the energy with the painting process. Now I approach a painting session as a healing session.

I state my intention to channel those specific energies needed to support the prayer – thought or request at the present time At this point I will spend a few minutes in quiet meditation visualizing myself as an empty vessel being filled and expanded with the creative, white light energy of the universe. I give thanks and ask for a special blessing to attract the person that needs this healing.

The artist Piet Mondrian has said “The artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.”

Reiki combined with pure intent enables me to channel spiritual energy, the most powerful and creative energy in the universe. The art becomes a visual bridge, or representation, of one’s soul essence. Symbolically it connects us with our light bodies. The art creates a personal healing that is brought into the physical self through the third eye and optic nerve. I have seen this healing increase personal joy, faith and trust.

Art making for me is about allowing things to come to life, rather than meticulously planning an outcome. If I allow myself to be connected with energies I can’t describe, then beauty appears, ego goes, and all is well.”


Prayer for Angelic support:

“Please send your angels to my side today
To help keep my mind and heart centred in love
Help me to live from your perspective of love
And to know my oneness with all of life

I invoke the energies known as

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL – this has a fun and uplifting energy igniting the creative spark, this angelic energy urges you to pay attention to any new thoughts and ideas that come into your mind in the near future the yellow ray helps develop a fresh approach to life.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL – Raphael energy is healing, adding love and compassion whenever needed. I invoke this energy when I am sending out absent healing within an artwork, ensuring that physical and emotional issues are targeted effectively

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